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APART CHAMP-2 | CONVECTION COOLED POWER AMPLIFIER                               Poglej polno velikost



Apart Champ serija uresničuje tisto, kar se je mnogim v avdio industriji zdelo nemogoče: ojačevalec brez ventilatorjev za hlajenje, ki je sposoben oddajati vrhunski zvok z visoko dinamiko in je izjemno zanesljiv.

  • Dinamična programska moč, oba kanala
  • Delovanje Bridge-mono, 8 Ohm: 750 W
  • 2-kanalni način, 8 Ohm: 200 W / kanal
  • 2-kanalni način, 4 Ohm: 350 W / kanal
  • 2-kanalni način, 2,7 Ohm: 450 W / kanal
  • Dinamična zmogljivost na 2 Ohm, oba kanala: 600 W / kanal

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APart’s Champ series realizes what many in the audio industry deemed impossible: an amplifier without cooling fans that is capable of delivering high-end musical sound, high dynamics, high reliability.

No fan

Power amplifiers have to operate in demanding circumstances. Places where the air is full of dust, nicotine or grease. Because power generates heat, power amplifiers typically have fans to keep their electronic circuits cool.

Unfortunately, these cooling fans are a major headache in the use of high-power amplifiers. They tend to be noisy, and if -or rather, when- the fan breaks down because of dust collection, the amplifier overheats and ultimately fails.

A fanless amplifier seems the logical thing, but -until now-, the idea never seemed to work for high quality amps. The electronics simply produce more heat than the unit is able to dissipate. Thus, installers stick to fan-cooled models and get out of bed to replace a fried amplifier ….

Unique heat sinks

Especially for the CHAMP-series, APart introduces the unique, custom-designed side mount heat sinks. In combination with a self-supporting low resonance frame, they make it possible to create a discrete high power amplifier without a noisy and dust-collecting fan inside the enclosure.

This means: less maintenance, no annual fan or dust filter exchange procedure, no more amplifier cleanout, and no more unwanted noise from cooling fans. Champ amplifiers rely on convection cooling only, a unique feature in their output power class!

APC power management circuitry gets the best out of an amplifier

APC power management circuitry has been designed especially for Champ series amplifiers. It is one of the most intelligent amplifier protection circuits ever designed, simply because it does the job without interfering with the typical dynamic character of music.
APC allows the user to preset the power potential of the amplifier, while maintaining high power reserves and thus producing high, clean power. It constantly analyses incoming music signals and keeps dynamics alive. An additional ultra fast peak limiter avoids amplifier clipping. With APC, your system is always in control, including your speakers.

All the components in Champ-2 are audiophile grade quality. Thanks to the tube emulation circuitry, the unit produces an exceptionally warm sound, which considerably reduces listeners’ fatigue.

The striking design and technical innovations of the Champ series are setting new industry standards….whether it is for AV, studio, gigs, home or catering applications: experience the pure musical power of CHAMP-2!

  • Dynamic program power, both channels driven
  • Bridge-mono operation 8 ohm : 750 W
  • 2 channel mode 8 ohm : 200 W / ch
  • 2 channel mode 4 ohm : 350 W / ch
  • 2 channel mode 2.7 ohm : 450 W / ch
  • Dynamic capacity at 2 ohm, both channels driven : 600 W / ch

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