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  • Univerzalna priključna postaja za Apple iPad in iPad2
  • Priključite mikrofone, instrumente in avdio vire na praktično katerokoli avdio/MIDI aplikacijo preko iStudio
  • Core Audio/MIDI združljiv za uporabo s poljubno iOS aplikacijo
  • Vsestranska funkcionalnost vhodov/izhodov z nastavljivo glasnostjo izhoda za slušalke in direct monitor funkcijo
  • Ločen Video izhod za priklop vašega iPAD na TV in projektorje
  • Standardni MIDI vhod/izhod plus USB-host konektor za popolno MIDI povezljivost
  • iPad lahko napajate in polnite preko iStudio priključka
  • Ergonomska zasnova oblike - vsi nadzorni elementi na zgornji ploskvi in priključek za slušalke na sprednji strani
  • Samo potisnite iPad v priključni konektor (primeren za iPad 1 & 2)
  • Luknje za BEHRINGER P16-MB nosilec za pritrditev iStudio na standardno mikrofonsko, notno ali bobnarsko stojalo (P16-MB ni vključen)
  • Univerzalni stikalni napajalnik z različnimi priključki je priložen

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The iStudio iS202 Professional iPad Docking Station With Audio, Video & Midi Connectivity from Behringer is a versatile music production tool for both home studio and live recording; use it to create, produce and perform music using your favorite audio gear and musical instruments. The iStudio has two phantom-powered mic/line inputs (one switchable for Hi-Z inputs like electric guitar or bass, no DI required), so you can use studio-grade condenser mics to achieve professional results. Of course, your iPad is powered and charging whenever it's docked.

The iStudio lets you access the iPad's powerful internal processor, touchscreen interface and available apps. With the iStudio and your iPad, you can record, perform, or create music in virtually any situation or location. A convenient onboard MIDI USB interface allows transfer of MIDI data to and from your iPad for even more creative possibilities. The iStudio bridges the gap between your instruments and professional audio devices, creating a dynamically creative environment that will continue to grow as more apps are released.

The iStudio has two combinations XLR - 1/4" inputs, each with its own gain control and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones. These inputs accept analog signals from virtually any piece of audio gear including amps, mixers and external preamps. A guitar or electric bass can be connected directly to the iStudio thanks to the built-in Hi-Z switch - so you can play, perform and record straight into an amplifier - and FX- modeling apps. Plus there's a stereo auxiliary input that lets you connect a wide range of line level sources, even a turntable perfect for DJs or for archiving a vinyl collection.

To get started, connect your mixer's outputs to the iStudio, simply open a recording app and hit a button. The iStudio's MIDI capability can be used to control external keyboards, samplers, drum machines and sound modules.

The Behringer iStudio contains balanced stereo 1/4" TRS outputs for connecting to your studio monitors, PA systems and more. Musicians can monitor tracks via dual independently controllable phones outputs, equipped with adjustable direct monitoring controls for the ideal balance between incoming and playback signals. Two footswitch connectors are available for application-defined remote control of input selection and an expression pedal. If video is part of your production, iStudio's RCA composite video connector works with all standard video projectors, as well as most TVs and computer monitors.

  • Universal Docking Station for Apple iPad and iPad2
  • Connect your microphones, instruments and audio sources to virtually any audio/MIDI app with the iStudio
  • Core Audio/MIDI compatible for use with any iOS App
  • Versatile I/O functionality with adjustable headphone output and direct monitoring control
  • Separate Video output for connecting your iPAD to TVs and projectors
  • Standard MIDI I/O plus USB-to-host connectors for ultimate MIDI connectivity
  • iPad powering and battery charging via the iStudio dock
  • Ergonomic design layout - all control elements on top panel with headphone connector on front
  • Slide-in access for mating with iPad dock connector (suitable for iPad 1 & 2)
  • Locating holes for BEHRINGER P16-MB mounting bracket to attach iStudio to a standard mic, music or drum stand (P16-MB not included)
  • Universal switch-mode power supply with country-specific wall socket adapter included
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

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