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Bring your music production software to life with the Behringer X-TOUCH, a control surface that gives you more hands-on control over your favourite parameters.  Through its HUI and Mackie Controller support, the X-TOUCH is compatible with all professional DAWs and every fader, knob and button is fully assignable.

The X-TOUCH comes armed with nine 100mm faders (eight channel and one master) that are not only touch sensitive but fully motorised so will follow any automation written in your DAW.  Each of the eight channels has an customisable LCD Scribble Strip which allows for information about the channel and parameter they are controlling to be stored for quick navigation and simple recall of settings.  

Each channel also has a fully assignable rotary control with an LED collar to show current value.  The X-TOUCH has 92 illuminated buttons in total, ranging from dedicated mute, solo, record and channel select buttons on each channel strip, to transport controls and global channel type buttons.  There is also a large LED timecode display to show exactly where in your projects timeline you are.

With the addition of Ethernet connectivity for RTP (Real-Time Protocol), MIDI and expansion, the Behringer X-TOUCH has everything you need to get a more hands-on control of your studios virtual elements, with the option to expand as your studio does.

The Behringer X-TOUCH features include:

  • Universal DAW controller
  • HUI and Mackie Control support
  • Integrates with all professional DAW software
  • Nine fully motorised 100mm faders with touch sensitivity and 8 segment LED meters
  • Eight customisable LED Scribble Strips for track name and parameter information
  • Eight rotary controls with LED collars
  • All fully assignable controls
  • 92 illuminated buttons
  • Transport controls
  • Timecode display
  • Ethernet connectivity for RTP (Real-Time Protocol), MIDI and future expansion
  • Large jog/shuffle wheel
  • USB port
  • Two dedicated footswitch connectors and one foot controller input

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