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The VX Series are powerful and flexible controllers that are the first of their kind to include DAW integration features like motorized 60mm faders and a modular expansion bay. A solid, all-aluminum chassis make these units extremely durable and sizes from 49 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys to 88 professional graded hammer action weighted keys make them ideal for studio, stage, or mobile use. The addition of USB audio I/O and motorized faders make these not just MIDI controllers, but the center of a computer based home studio.

CME VX5 At-a-Glance:

  • Built-in USB audio and MIDI interface with 9 motorized faders
  • Multi-faceted keyboard/MIDI tools
  • Touch-sensitive keys and MIDI controls

Built-in USB audio and MIDI interface with 9 motorized faders
Not content to be just another MIDI controller, the VX series sports two mic/line 1/4" inputs and 9 motorized 60mm faders. This enables the VX5 to function as a the centerpiece of a music creation workspace, handling all your MIDI and audio needs. The VX5 connects to your computer via USB, allowing you to download MIDI files. The VX5 is a great way to merge audio and MIDI in your studio.

Multi-faceted keyboard/MIDI tools
The VX5 supplies a Game mode, which users can use in conjunction with music books and VX to test their skill of performance. And if you've ever wanted to learn the scales and music from other cultures, you can use the built-in multi-ethnic scales to learn your way around these interesting musical forms. Also unique to the VX5 is U-CTRL which maps the controls of the VX5 to your production software. The expansion port allows for your VX5 to grow with you as your needs grow, adding such useful tools as an analog synth module, digital mixing console, and others.

Touch-sensitive keys and MIDI controls
Like the UF series controllers, the VX5 uses CME's semi-weighted keyboard with initial and after touch, and it's velocity sensitive. These keyboards were broadly used by many famous professional synthesizers and digital pianos in the past few years. The VX5 supplies up to 64 controllers of different types, including motor faders, encoder for data entry, knobs, trigger pads, ribbon controller, buttons, pitch bend, modulation wheel, transport buttons, jacks for pedals, and a breath controller input. All these controllers are programmable.

CME VX5 Features:

  • Built-in 32bit CPU
  • Intelligent keyboard built-in USB Audio and MIDI, multi-function expansion
  • 49-key semi-weighted keyboard, initial and after touch, velocity sensitive
  • 'PadStyle' MIDI songs and styles help you to play live music easily
  • Interactant mode to improve skill of your performance
  • Multi-scale of the key to fit more kinds of ethnic music
  • U-CTRL function works with music software perfectly
  • 12 x programmable trigger pads, velocity sensitive
  • 8 x knob controllers (potentiometer)
  • 9 x knob controllers (endless encoder)
  • 9 x 60mm motor fader controllers
  • 1 x ribbon controller
  • 1 x pitch bend and modulation wheel
  • 27 x function and number buttons
  • 6 x SEQ transport buttons
  • All controllers are programmable
  • 1 x endless encoder for data entry
  • Music software control templates with user bank memories
  • 2 x 16 characters LCD display
  • Firmware upgradeable via USB
  • Multi-function expansion slot
  • 4 x MIDI OUT, 1 x MIDI IN to supply real master keyboard function
  • 2 x universal pedal connectors, full compatible with switch and expression pedal
  • 1 x breath controller connector, full compatible with YAMAHA BC3
  • 2 x Mic/Line input with gain knob, 1/4" phone jack
  • 2 x Line output, 1/4" phone jack
  • 2 x headphone outputs with volume knob, 1/4" phone jack
  • USB Audio and MIDI, class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X
  • USB Hub, USB bus-powered

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