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Ketron Audya vsebuje 76 polobteženih tipk z ˝touch response˝ in ˝aftertouch˝ funkcijama, 197- notna polifonija, 384 orkesterskih zvokov, 512 GM2 zvokov, 300 različnih stilov z možnostjo različnih variacij, vgrajen notranji spomin 80 GB, pregleden TFT barvni zaslon, 320 registracijskih mest spomina,9 x digitalni drsnik pri zvoku orgel, vgrajen avdio predvajalnik za skladbe v WAV/MP3 formatu, SMF predvajalnik za predvajanje MIDI datotek ali datotek za karaoke, 32 MIDI kanalov, zaslon za prikaz besedil, 2-kanalni avdio snemalnik/recorder, vgrajen 64 MB RAM spomina za zvoke, ˝transpose˝ funkcija, možnost načina delovanja v stilu harmonike, vgrajeni DSP efekti, vgrajen 5-glasni ˝vocalist˝ učinek delovanja, 2 x mikrofonska vhoda z lastnima ˝gain˝ kontrolama, 10-pasovni EQ, delay in reverb efekta, 2 x USB-host povezave, USB-device povezava, MIDI in1/in2/out/thru, L/R line out, 4 x individualni izhodi, digitalni S/PDIF in/out, izhod za slušalke, 2 x XLR mikrofonska vhoda, 2 x linijska vhoda, vhod za ˝footswitch˝ ( FS6 ali FS13 ), vhod za ˝sustain˝ pedal, vhod za ˝volume˝ pedal, VGA video ˝interface˝... {youtube}0l5l2En8e3w&feature{/youtube}

The new state-of-the-art KETRON AUDYA represents the next generation of contemporary Entertainment keyboards, featuring a top-quality sound engine, a powerful Audio Multiplayer, revolutionary and unique solutions in the Auto Accompaniment industry, and the capability to interact with the outside world through multiple multimedia capability.
KETRON has once more raised the Arranger keyboard bar up to a long awaited hi-professional level, offering musicians the total freedom to play and control Audio files within the Arranger and Midifiles.
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 Intelligent Audio Drums

KETRON AUDYA introduces a very innovative concept used with Styles and Midi files : REAL AUDIO DRUMS synchronized under Midi sync tempo domain. Until now, robotic and redundant Midi Drums were the only ways to reproduce drum patterns. AUDYA delivers to you a Live Drummer performance which brings a new drive into the Automatic accompaniment section. Out with the old annoying Midi patterns – in with the new exhaustive Real Audio Drums at your fingertips!!
The Audio Drum tracks are used to play extra long Stereo takes with real Intros, Fills and Endings, all working on perfect sync with the conventional Midi resources and chording.
Figure this out – you can now cover all your background styles such as Pop, Rock, Ballad, Swing, Traditional, Latin with an unprecedent music taste of ‘live musicians’ and not pre-programmed sequence. Real drummers and percussionists did a great job for you ... and they’re still at your convenience, following your Tempo changes and improvisations. No longer will you be asked “which Drum Set did you use for this track”, but “which musician recorded this track for you?”  ... Unbelievable!!

Real Audio Arranger  

In addition to the Audio Drums, a huge variety of Real Live Guitars and Bass backgrounds have been provided within AUDYA. Folk, Classic, Electric and even Flamenco patterns, all performed by respecting the proper feel of each different type of music, and all perfectly synchronized with Drums and Bass!! With the Unplugged styles, you can enjoy the individual Guitar performances, a perfect tool for singing, performance and composition. The sensation of playing with a Real Band backing was never this true and exciting before. Just play any chord and listen!!

 Professional Multiplayer

Thanks to the Midijay experience, the KETRON AUDYA now brings the Player to a new enhanced and realistic dimension, offering dual Wave, dual MP3 and dual Midi file channels and 2 stereo tracks for immediate Hard Disk Recording. Newly developed hi-professional algorithms now permits AUDYA to fluently manipulate Waves and Mp3 with accurate time-stretching on-the-fly for Timing (bpm) and Transposition with barely any noticeable loss of quality. A very useful built-in MP3 Encoder device allows the musician to sing and perform anything on the keyboard and instantly save as MP3 files to a storage media.
The internal 40G HD (upgradeable to 80G) can support a big repertoire of Audio and Midi Songs and settings.
Additional features such as DJLoops, SFX and CD Audio tracks ripped to Wave (via USB) makes the AUDYA’s Multiplayer stand out in a class of  it’s own, with endless combination possibilities for live performance.

New Sound Generation

A massive 360 MB hi-quality Sound engine, following the KETRON tradition of Best Natural Sounds. Great variety of New Stereo and Multilayer instruments, including Grand Piano, El. Pianos, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Pads, Accordions, Synths and some New un-compromised Brass and Sax voices which will sound even more realistic than ever!
128 additional sounds may be quickly loaded from a storage media into the expandable 64MB Internal RAM. A totally redesigned Sampler (44 KHz / 16bit) is also provided along with a new Digital Drawbars section that includes 9 sliders, Percussion, Rotor and Overdrive effects together with sampled Stereo Organs which will produce any full, rich organ sound required.

VOICETRON – KETRON’s new Vocalizer !

Up to 5 voices simultaneously!! Plenty of DSP controls with Formant and Pitch correction, Voice transformers and EFX for new exciting vocal textures. Personalize your live performance by adding the powerful VOICETRON to your Midi files, your Styles or just controlling your “singing notes “ manually from the keyboard in real time. A big preset collection database will quickly transform your tunes from a single voice into an “ A Cappella “ vocal set! The vocal section includes 2 Microphone XLR inputs, 10 band equalizer, individual Effect and Slider controls, Talk, new Pitch to Midi features and much more.

Digital Sound Processor (DSP)

3 powerful DSP’s with new enhanced Reverb, Chorus, Distorsion, Echo and Rotor Effects, adding individual controls per Voice. Separate Reverb ambiences for the Lead section, Accompaniment and Microphone (Voicetron). Global 2 Band Equalizer for Wave, Mp3 and enhanced Bass Boost.

Keyboard & Layout

AUDYA is equipped with a new 76 semi-weighted keybed, with Aftertouch and Portamento.
A very intuitive layout makes the keyboard extremely easy to use. The Operating System will reflect basically the philosophy of that used in today’s computers and will therefore result in a confidential platform for any traditional musician, composer or programmer.
The new Colour Display 320x240 TFT, 15 slider controls plus 2 programmable extra sliders and assignable tabs ensures a cool and relaxed panel navigation.


A couple of Stereo Main Outs, 4 Separate assignable Outs (2 Stereo or 4 Mono, without by-pass for Internal Effects), 2 Line Inputs, SPDIF In/Out, Video Interface socket for additional Monitors/TV for karaoke, Footswitch, Headphone and 4 Midi sockets will ensure any type of Audio and Midi professional connection.     

USB / Multimedia

2 USB host sockets + 1 USB device allows AUDYA to properly communicate with new Multimedia gears and computers. External HD, Sticks, CD/DVD Rom and others mass storage devices can be easily connected, thus allowing one to quickly save, reload and transport complete music repertoires in total safety.

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