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Programska oprema za kontrolo luči,programiranje statičnih scen ali kompliciranih moving heads scen,sinhronizacija z glasbo,videom ali laserjem,možna povezava z MIDI napravami.,2048 DMX kanalov

The professional intelligent lighting software.

PHOENIX-DMX is one of the most powerful software solutions existing for controlling intelligent lighting. With our product it is extremely easy to program complex light shows already after only a short introduction. It is irrelevant if you want to program a static scene or a complex pattern with moving heads, scanners, synchronized to sound, video or pyrotechnique and Laser, PHOENIX-DMX is the right tool to use, made by professionals for professionals. All media types are integrated in PHOENIX-DMX, there are no technical limitations to create the right show in a snap. Now you are finally able to accommodate your clients ideas and proposals. You can integrate interactive controls like joysticks, sliders, mouse actions and MIDI compatible devices in the moving and controlling pattern of your programmes light show to make every event unique and unforgetable.
PHOENIX-DMX is capable of controlling not only 4 seperately  assignable DMX streams with 512 addresses each, so a total of 2048 DMX addresses but also:

- 2048 DMX input channels
- 128 independent TTL channels
- And much much more..

The DMX output of PHOENIX-DMX is done by the international
standard XLR 3-pin connection.


- Auto-Animation: Using curve animation and interactive sliders, every
  parameter is controllable
- Audio Synchronization (CD, MIDI, Internal clock, SMPTE, WAVE,
  MP3) Audio synchronization can be achieved using the CD-ROM
  drive and a common audio CD, a file in wave (.wav) or MP3 format or
  other external devices connected to the computer in millisecond
  precision. Other external devices could be used for synchronization
  via SMPTE timecode format if a windows compatible timecode
  reading device is installed.The functionality of the wave-analyzer
  allows total visual programming help.
- Interactive control devices (Mouse, Keyboard, MIDI compatible input
  devices (slider, keyboards), Joysticks)  Every DMX channel can be
  assigned to interactive input devices for maximum control during the
- Maximum number of fixtures (2048) One master computer can
  control up to 4x512 fixtures, depending on the hardware configuration
- Tracks (64) Up to 64 parallel tracks are allowed to assign
  movements, gobos, color changes etc.
- Sub tracks: 32 per track. Up to 32 sub tracks can be defined in one
  single track for programming control blocks. In total a number of 2048
  tracks (32*64) are available.
- DMX morphing. Every channel of a DMX effect can be morphed to a
  target DMX effect. This allows the user to morph between multiple
  scenes and DMX pictures. Of course this function can be disabled if
- Automation languages: Visual Basic Scripting (VBS). VBS is an
  easy understandable programming language for programming total
  automation of your show.
- Output refresh rate. Up to 30x per second. DMX output is refreshed
  at a rate of 30 times per second to allow the most smoothest moving
- Real time calculation. All parameter calculations are performed in
- Automatic Chase programs. A number of predefined chase
  programs are available in the software. Own chase programs are
  easy to define evn for novice users
- Scenes? Unlimited DMX scenes can be programmes for unlimited
  DMX fixtures
- DMX pictures. Unlimited combinations of DMX fixtures, groups or
  functions can be programmed and stored.
- Intelli-move. Programmed moving patterns are transferable to
  multiple other fixtures, or groups of fixtures using offsets. This function
  allow the user to programm waves and strobe effects chases or any
  other function like rainbow color chasing easily.
- Fixture visualization. All DMX fixtures are displayed as an bitmap
  picture for easy navigation and programming.
- Live ?control. Pre-programs scenes, pictures or DMX functions are
  selectable via touchscreen, keyboard or other input devices on the
  fly. MULTIPLE selections can be made for simultaneous output of
  different DMX scenes or pictures. PHOENIX DMX will compensate
  DMX channel collisions automatically.
- Output standard. All output signals are available via a 3 pin DMX ?
  XLR socket. The pinning is equivalent to the DMX standard (pin 1=
  GND, pin 2= - DMX, pin 3= + DMX)

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