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The UAD-Xpander Xtreme package combines the world's first ExpressCard audio digital signal processing expansion system for Mac OS X or Windows Vista laptops with every UA Powered Plug-in available in UAD software version 4.5x and its previous incarnations.

The UAD-Xpander's ultra-fast ExpressCard 34 connection (2.5Gbps differential serial link) has the same DSP power as its popular siblings, the UAD-1 & UAD1e series of desktop products, letting you mix sessions from 44.1khz to 192k. While it works at full PCI Express bandwidth, it leaves more sluggish USB and FireWire connections to handle dongles, audio I/O, and hard drives.

Normally, the UAD-Xpander only comes with UA's base set of 14 plug-ins (1176SE compressor, Pultec EQP-1A EQ, Realverb Pro, CS-1 Plug-in Suite channel strip and Nigel Guitar Plug-in Suite). With this Xtreme package, you get over 15 more plug-ins to play with, including two Neve equalizers, the Roland RE-201 Delay, Boss CE-1 Chorus, Plate 140 and DreamVerb Reverbs, and six additional compressors.

If speed and selection are important factors in your DAW then the UAD-Xpander Xtreme package is your solution.

Universal Audio UAD-Xpander Xtreme Features:

  • Noiseless, fanless, alumi-cool chassis design
  • Ultra-fast (2.5Gbps) Expresscard 34 interface
  • 44.1-192k DSP Audio Accelerator for Laptops
  • Includes every Powered Plug-In up to and included in UAD software version 4.5x
  • Same potent DSP power as UAD-1 & UAD-1e
  • ExpressCard, UAD-Xpander DSP chassis, 1 meter cable, and carrying case included

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