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UHF Diversity System with Pro Headset Microphone

Digital Controlled 16 Channel System - State of the Art Technology
The PU 920 bases on the successful 910 series and proviedes improved performances like extended working range, pilot tone strength and frequency agility. The latest structure in SMD technology with components only 0.07 x 0.15 mm in size makes an excellent audio performance possible with the highest operating reliability and long battery life, due to low current consumption. The newly developed digital squelch control offers extremely high operating reliability. The simultaneous transmission of the battery status of the transmitter to the receiver provides convenience and security at the same time. If the battery capacity is only sufficient for 30 - 45 minutes, the “Battery Low” warning is passed on to the receiver, which can be seen by the sound technician by the use of a red LED. The professional audio design, achieved through highgrade, low noise pre-amplifiers, in conjunction with the polished PLL UHF technology with 16 bit microprocessors, make the PU 920 the first choice for professional users. The newly developed compander circuitry uses the latest components for high linearity and minimal interference noise. Dynamics, audio quality, and operation set new standards at this price/performance ratio.

Multichannel Applications
The receiver 920R in a 9.5“ metal casing provides information on all the essential operating parameters, such as operating frequency, HF and audio level and also the battery status of the transmitter, through its large illuminated display. The antennas are mounted on the front and can be removed allowing them to be repositioned or permitting the use of the optional active antenna splitter AS6W in multi-channel applications. The active antenna splitter AS6W is recommended for the maximum in operating reliability and high range where more than two PU 920s are operated in parallel. Up to six PU 920 receivers can be connected to the AS6W. For more than six systems, up to 3 AS6Ws can be cascaded. For the use of the active AA 900 antenna amplifier, the AS 06W provides a switched phantom feed. The AA 900 antenna amplifier is recommended to compensate for RF signal loss on long antenna cables. There is a choice of +8dB or +16dB amplification available. If for example high ranges are required, for open-air environments or in large halls, the RDA-900 directional antenna set will increase the possible range considerably and optimize operating reliability.
The directional antenna can be installed on microphone and loudspeaker stands or, for instance, in a truss system. In addition to the connection cables, the RDA 900 set also includes a rain cover for outdoor applications.

dB Technologies PU920 H Pro Includes:

  • 1 x PU920 P Pocket Transmitter
  • 1 x PU920 R Receiver
  • 1 x VH531 Condenser Microphone (Beyerdynamic TGX 30/35)
  • 1 x Power Supply

dB Technologies 920 R Receiver Features:

  • Diversity PLL UHF
  • 16 switchable frequencies
  • Robust metal 9,5“ housing
  • Digital squelch control LED
  • Battery status LED
  • LCD display for frequency signal strength and audio status
  • Detachable antennas with BNC connectors
  • Balanced XLR output

dB Technologies 920 P Pocket Transmitter Features:

  • Very compact design
  • 3.5 mm, lockable mini-jack connector
  • Phantom power 5V
  • Input gain control
  • Peak signal LED
  • Battery status LED

dB Technologies VH531 Microphone

  • 3.5 mm, lockable mini-jack connector
  • Cardoid condenser microphone
  • Frequency response: 40 - 17000 Hz

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